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Project Title: Move

Location: San Francisco, CA

Project Goals: For the dancer movement is everything. The way the body moves through space and the way the dancer perceives that space becomes the essence of dance and is the dialogue that begins to set up the argument for the architecture. Architecture opposes movement and in it’s very essence wants to remain static. The Move dance studio begins to explore ways an inert building can begin to become more active and express the dance of the building through concepts of movement.

The Move happens somewhere in between the rigors of structure and the fluidity of poetics: shaped by concept, governed by gravity and influenced by program. The Move is most successful when the occupants examine the confines of these walls and deem them pleasant and well suited for their intended purpose.

Motion in photography is captured several ways. A few concepts are:
Blurring the background and having a crisp focal point
By having a crisp background and a blurred subject
Transmission of motion through extended shutter speed

The key to perceiving motion is having a strong frame of reference. This allows for the next frame to be generated and then ultimately memory serves us to identify something is in motion. That is what led to the development of the twisted façade. The twist is an expression of a sinusoidal wave generated from simple harmonic motion. When applied to the project, it provides self generating frames of reference when it’s interacted with – either by people or the sun.

See it in Google Earth: Download model

Case Studies / Other Images:

quallity of light [hertz hall] looking at qualities off daylighting [alvar alto] exploring movement still movement over time




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