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Project Title: Woliatta Village

Location: Soddo, Ethiopia

Project Goals: The focus of this comprehensive design studio is to emphasize reality, survival and hope through design; synthesizing and shifting the typical traits of academic work.  Ethiopia Studio will fundamentally function like a real-world project team; team members will have varied, integral and necessary responsibilities that will serve team as a whole, as well as the ultimate needs of the client.  The project, called Wolaitta Village, will be built with local materials in a manner that honors the indigenous culture of the Wolaitta region.  Construction will be performed by Ethiopian builders and artisans; the facilities will be staffed by Ethiopians and will provide employment for many people in Soddo; thus creating hope and opportunity through meeting the desperate needs of the children and community.  The main program elements for Wilaitta Village are; a Children’s Home, Food Production Facility, Small Villas and Large Villas.  Woliatta Village will be built in stages and the overall goal for the project is for it to be self sustaining and a beacon of hope for the community. 

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