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Project Title: Navajo Nation Healing Court

Location: Window Rock, Arizona

Project Goals: When asked to design a facility for the Navajo Nation that would become a new supreme court judicial branch in the nations capitol city of Window Rock Arizona a key issue develops from initial research that reflects a societal shift from a western model to one that becomes more their own:  “is reform that weaves the Dine Life Way in the process and procedures of the courts possible to accomplish?  This becomes the heart of the investigation surrounding the many other important questions in designing a new form of justice system.  Besides incorporation of Dine Life Way in a new form of justice; architecturally issues of sustainability, connection to the environment and Navajo culture become very important strands of investigation.  From this the art of Navajo weaving is incorporated to help understand how to tie all these important and multi-faceted issues together into a cohesive unified new justice center.  Quite simply put form investigation; “the art of weaving is a deeply felt expression of beauty, harmony and balance.  If these expressions come through on the levels previously mentioned and are read by all then the new form of justice and its facility will be a great success for the Navajo Nation.

Design Generator: Guiding all aspects of design is the concept of weaving.  This matrix outlines several areas of design where weaving was used to derive certain solutions from color and construction to site planning and geometry, for example.



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weave diagram






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